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Aiyima T8 Vaccum Tube Preamplifier DAC


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The AIYIMA T8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier DAC harnesses the power of vacuum tubes to deliver rich, warm, and immersive sound. The T8 brings the vintage charm and sonic benefits of vacuum tubes to your audio setup, creating a captivating listening experience.

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Aiyima T8 Vaccum Tube Preamplifier DAC

The AIYIMA T8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier DAC harnesses the power of vacuum tubes to deliver rich, warm, and immersive sound. Vacuum tubes, also known as valves, have been a staple in the audio industry for decades, known for their unique tonal characteristics and harmonically pleasing qualities. The T8 brings the vintage charm and sonic benefits of vacuum tubes to your audio setup, creating a captivating listening experience.

The Aiyima T8 Vaccum Tube Preamplifier DAC we believe is an excellent preamp dac with a remote for budget hi-fi as well as an ideal desktop system

It not only has a vacuum stage but also has an inbuilt DAC and best of all also offers a decent headphone out

It slots in perfectly with the Aiyima A08 Amplifier

The remote is handy and this all-in-one ONLY needs an amplifier to complete your Hifi system

It features 2 Antilog inputs and 3 digital inputs (Coaxial, Optical and USB) thus allowing for multiple sources.

Features of the Aiyima T8 Vaccum Tube Preamplifier DAC

  • 2 analogue inputs RCA TO RCA
  • 3 DIGITAL inputs – Coaxial, USB, Optical
  • PC-USB supports sampling rate: 96K/24Bit Distortion
  • DAC chip 9018 ESS Sabre
  • Remote Included
  • Headphone Amplifier out – CHIP MAX9722
  • Headphone impedance matching: 16-300Ω
  • Bluetooth Enable – Bluetooth version: 5.0, QCC3031 support Qualcomm aptX and aptX
  • Vacuum tube: 6N3, you can replace tube by GE5657,396A,2c51,12BA4,5670,6H3n

Specifications Aiyima T8 Vaccum Tube Preamplifier DAC

  • THD+N is only 0.009%
  • High PSRR (80dB at 217Hz) without LDO
  • Adjustable gain (MAX9722A) or fixed -2V/V gain (MAX9722B)
  • Each channel provides 130mW power for a 32Q load
  • Integrated noise suppression circuit
  • Low quiescent current (5.5mA)
  • Short circuit protection and thermal overload protection
  • The amplifier output has ±8kV ESD protection (human body model)
  • Ultra-low noise: – Voltage noise: 2.9nV/√Hz at 10kHz –
  • Current noise: 6fA/√Hz at 1kHz •
  • Low distortion: – 0.000029% (–131dB) at 1kHz – 0.000035% (–129dB) at 20kHz •
  • High open-loop gain: 150dB • High output current: 100mA •
  • Low input bias current: 10pA • Slew rate: 24V/μs •
  • Gain bandwidth product: 53MHz • Rail-to-rail output •
  • Quiescent current: 3.9mA per channel


The pc-usb decoder chip is a low-power single-chip USB 2.0 high-speed audio codec with built-in MCU, integrated PWM LED driver and 3-channel ADC/2-channel DAC and S/PDIF interface.


It is a high-performance 24-bit 192KHZ, 2-channel audio D/a converter for audiophile-grade portable applications, such as mobile phones and digital music players, user applications such as Blu-ray players, audio preamplifiers and a receiver, And professional applications such as recording systems, mixers, game consoles and digital audio.


  1. Connect the audio source to the audio source input interface (when connecting to Bluetooth, the input channel must be switched to Bluetooth input)
  2. Connect the external downstream equipment to the audio output interface (such as power amplifier, active speakers, etc.)
  3. Connect the power supply (DC voltage must not be higher than 12V)
  4. Press the encoder knob to turn on
  5. Short press the knob to switch to the corresponding input channel to be used
  6. Rotate the knob clockwise to select the desired volume


Use the factory-configured USB cable to connect the PC-USB interface of this machine to the computer (USB supports hot swap).

Press the encoder knob to switch to PC-USB input.

As shown in the figure ( refer to website ), find the icon with the horn symbol in the lower right corner of the PC.

Right-click the pop-up dialogue box, and click [Play Device]. 5. In the pop-up dialogue box, select the USB device recognized by the PC (the machine automatically recognizes the USB, no manual driver installation is required). 6. Click to confirm the recognized digital output and set it as default.


Q: All my cables are connected, why is there no sound?


Check whether the machine is turned on and whether it is switched to the corresponding input channel.

Check if the downstream connection is correct and the volume is at the minimum.

If all the above are normal, check whether the input playback device is muted, paused, or the volume is at the minimum state.

Q: Why can’t I search for the Bluetooth pairing name?

Answer:  Due to the design of this unit, Bluetooth does not work when other channels are used for input. You only need to switch the input to Bluetooth mode.

Q: Why is the sound broken?

Answer: Although this product is a DAC preamplifier, it also has an amplifying effect. If the volume of the secondary device is adjusted to the maximum and the preamplifier is also adjusted to the maximum, it is easy to distort. Just adjust it down.

Q: Why is there a loud electric current from the speaker?

Answer: If you are not using the standard power supply of the original factory, please replace the power supply before testing. Many power supplies on the market have large ripple interference coefficients, which can cause large current noise.

Q: Why does the speaker have a loud buzzing sound after I plug in the input cable and do not connect the playback source?

Answer: When the signal line without a shield is used, there will be interference signals entering the amplifier for amplification. Replace the shielded signal line to effectively solve the interference sound, or unplug the signal line.



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