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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport

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The Audiolab 6000CDT is a dedicated CD transport to extract the purest details from your CD for a musically involving experience. Featuring both optical and coaxial digital outputs, the Audiolab 6000CDT works with almost all DACs and digital amps.

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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport

The Audiolab 6000CDT is a dedicated CD transport and comes without a built-in DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor). This not only saves you money but also gives you the freedom to choose your own DAC or partner the CD transport with the matching Audiolab 6000A.

Quality engineering, without compromise

The 6000CDT uses the same ultra-smooth slot-loading mechanism as the multi-award-winning, and much more expensive, Audiolab 8300CD.

Faster and smoother

A silky-smooth motor is used to assist disc insertion and removal. Not just a luxury, it also offers increased disc stability and reduced susceptibility to resonance, thus further contributing to the 6000CDT’s outstanding playback performance.

Performance by design

By mounting the transport in its own, electromagnetically shielded enclosure, and providing it with a dedicated power supply, the digital signal extraction from any CD is as accurate and precise as it is possible to achieve.

Robust and reliable

The 6000CDT transport uses read-ahead digital buffering to reduce reading failures and guarantee a seamless playback Accurate and precise. The digital clock is controlled by a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator that makes sure the digital output from both the coaxial and optical sockets has minimum jitter

Pure and precise

We don’t want to colour your CD playback in any way. Therefore, the 6000CDT the coax output is fed from a differential line driver to ensure a flawless digital signal reaches your chosen DAC.

Chose the output that’s best for you

Featuring both optical and coaxial digital outputs, the Audiolab 6000CDT works with almost all DACs and digital amps.

Top-quality, slot-load mechanism

Using the slot-load mechanism from the highly acclaimed 8300CD makes this player faster to load and cleaner in style. Doing without the traditional loading tray also reduces the chance of resonance, potentially improving sound quality still further. Using a read-ahead digital buffer, it’s also more tolerant of imperfect discs that might be scratched or dirty, letting you play your most loved discs that other players won’t.

Hear the true potential of your CDs, with the stunning Audiolab 6000CDT.  the Audiolab 6000CDT is a CD transport bargain – a true quality item at this affordable price.

Specifications of the Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport

  • Digital Output Voltage Level 600±50mVpp
  • Frequency response ≤0.01dB @ 20-20kHz
  • Output Impedance 75±1 ohm
  • Max Sampling Rate 44.1 KHz
  • Max. Power Consumption 15W
  • Standby Power Consumption <0.5W
  • Power Requirements 230V ~ 50 – 60Hz
  • Dimensions (mm ) (W x H x D) 445 x 300 x 65.5 – including feet, terminals and controls
  • Weight 5.4kg (Net)
  • Finish: Silver

Reviews of the Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport

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Buy brand new & genuine Audiolab products from India's official online dealer with GST Invoice and manufacturer's warranty. Since its inception in the early '80s, Audiolab has earned global acclaim for its award-winning line of HiFi separates. The company's commitment to quality is evident in every product it makes. During the ensuing years, the 8000A established itself as one of the most successful British amps ever produced, and was joined by a range of electronics including CD players, pre/power amps and an FM tuner. The brand switched hands in 1997, changing its name to TAG McLaren Audio; and it so was known until 2004 when audiolab became part of the International Audio Group and returned to its original name. “If ever a product defined its market, the 8000A is the one. Reliability, ease of use, engineering excellence and a well-behaved sound are the pillars supporting the justified reputation of the 8000A. Over the years, audiolab’s no-nonsense, evolutionary approach to design has widely been recognised.” – Audiohile with Hi-Fi Answers. AudioLab offers a broad range of audio components and accessories designed to bring you closer to your music. This award-winning brand has been making a name for itself in the hi-fi industry since its inception. The company’s primary aim is to provide quality products at affordable prices and we believe that this attitude has brought Audiolab much success over the years. audiolab is a unique brand that offers high-end audio equipment with a difference. Their products are designed in the UK and manufactured using the highest quality components; all built to last for many years.


Official India Warranty for One Year from the date of purchase.

10 reviews for Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport

  1. Jeevan

    Smooth and transparent sound. I had no idea that a dedicated CD transport could make a major difference in sound quality. I have a large collection of over 8000 CDs and this transport has convinced me of the sound quality of CDs. Overall an excellent value for money buy.

  2. Amit Gupte

    I was amazed by the difference that this CD transport made. There was a huge improvement in the clarity and depth of the sound. The Audiolab 6000CDT is easily worth its price to anyone with a CD collection.

  3. narendra adiraju

    This CD Transport is an unbelievable device! Plus, my system has never sounded better.
    Just buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Abhijit Chanda

    This is why I hung onto my CD collection for so long! I didn’t know then that I would be buying the Audiolab 6000CDT but it was so worth the wait. As soon as I got it, I started playing my favourite albums one after another and they all sounded better than they have ever sounded before.

    Thanks to Anil, I also got the Audiolab 6000A integrated amp and the Wharfedale Linton speakers. They’re all a match made in heaven. The transparency, clarity and reproduction through this source, coupled with the rest of the signal chain gives the kind of scale and grandeur the music deserves. I am specifically talking about Pink Floyd’s Pulse. It just blew me away!

    If you are looking for a CD transport to go with your system, go with this. You won’t regret it.

  5. Nagulan Bedi

    I’ve been living with the Audiolab 6000cdt transport for about a month now. Haven’t had this much fun and pure pleasure with a piece of gear in quite a number of years! Been running it in for about three weeks straight 24/7 and I have to say this is the best buy!

  6. Tikamdas Chandra

    Not only is this a great CD player, but it is a music lover’s dream. It has a slot-loading mechanism that is not only smooth but also precise, which is great for any audiophile out there. With this player, you will never have to worry about pops, skips, or any other music ruining problems. The sound quality is also outstanding, and it is great for people who enjoy high-quality music.

  7. Sunil Roy

    The new Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport was a great addition to my home theater system. I used to have a CD player connected to my home theater, but it just wasn’t delivering a great sound quality. I upgraded to the Audiolab 6000CDT, and it’s amazing how much better my music sounded. The sound feels more natural and smooth, like I’m listening to a live performance. I’m glad I made this purchase.

  8. Vijai Sritharan

    It has the best build quality I’ve seen in a while, it is a solid metal enclosure with a thick chassis, a quality remote control and metal buttons. The transients are very fast, and there is plenty of detail in the mids and highs. The bass is well-controlled, as well. The Audiolab 6000CDT is a great CD transport to extract the purest details from your CD for a musically involving experience.

  9. Rajeev

    My Audiolab 6000 CDT is over a month old now, but, to quote my son, I’m still having “too much fun” with it. I’m even enjoying albums in their entirety again.

    The need to get this device was because my server had reached ‘end of life’ and could no longer be serviced or repaired. Relying on long term memory, the 6000 CDT sounds better than any CD player I had earlier owned. It certainly sounds better than Streaming services (Spotify/Apple music), my ripped FLAC (and other) files of the same CDs playing via MacBook Pro and software players such as Pine, VOX, (Apple) Music and others. I had switched to server based music around 8 years ago, but didn’t have the heart to chuck my CD’s after ripping so they were kept as ‘digital back-up’. At the time, I couldn’t understand the CD Transport as a concept. Today, even if the theory is not easily understood by all, at the least it makes sense due to the availability of numerous quality DACs at all price points, sizes and shapes and embedded in so many streamers, players, and powered speakers and amplifiers.

    The price in India mostly compares well with international prices, or is even better at times. For the price, the Audiolab 6000 CDT is everything thing you may want and more. It has partnered very well with my Naim SuperUniti’s internal DAC, a device that most would agree , is way above this Transport’s pay scale. Most reviews, either professional, or by the buying public, say that the 6000 CDT raises it’s game to partner well with whatever level of DAC they have connected it with – this seems to ring true with my experience. BTW, the generic digital Co-axial cable I’m using gives me better sound quality than the generic optical digital, (both) were lying around the house. I must soon get a dedicated interconnect, any recommendations?


    My Marantz CD 6006 had become reluctant to play CDs unless they were in excellent condition. After some research online, I bought Audiolab 6000 CDT. In addition to playing old and scratched CDs, music from CDT sounds far better than before. Music from Audiolab-CXN-Rega Elicitt-ATC SCM 11 is at the next level now. Audiolab CDT is strongly recommended.

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