Castle Knight 2 Speakers (PAIR)

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Castle Knight 2 Speakers

The Castle Knight 2 Speakers series achieves superb high-frequency performance using a ‘soft-dome’ tweeter which produces a more controlled performance than metal equivalents and an innovative aluminium-core voice coil which matches and even exceed the bandwidth possible from metal domes without having to worry about inherent problems.

Made from fine real-wood veneer that is sourced from sustainable timber, with the most beautiful deep-figured slices and cut from real trees. Each speaker pair being hand-finished using mirrored, book-matched veneers before being sealed and waxed in a process which takes over 5 days.

Specifications of the Castle Knight 2 Speakers

  • System    2-way bass reflex
  • Tweeter    25mm tex
  • Woofer    150mm
  • Sensitivity (db)    90
  • Impedance (ohm)    8
  • Finish: Antique Oak Veneer
  • Frequency Range (hz)    42 hz – 24 khz
  • Amplifier Power (W)    15-125
  • Dimensions (mm)    380x200x335
  • Weight (kg)    7.85 Each


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8 reviews for Castle Knight 2 Speakers (PAIR)

  1. Arvind Kumar

    I am totally amazed as to how good this speaker sounds. I compared many speakers (bookshelf) in the 30-50k price range over 2 weeks and finally settled for this. Bringing this home and listening to this speaker over two weeks has changed my listening habits. Now I look forward to spending much more hours listening to music, much to the dismay of my family members.

    Castle Speakers should promote their brand and showcase this hidden gem to many more music lovers. Music lovers! you do not know what you are missing until you hear this speaker. Do yourself a favour and add this to your audition list.

  2. Suresh Chawla

    This speaker has the complete requirements of PRAT plus massive scale and musical tone. Listening to certain songs brings back my feelings of emotions. This speaker can bring out nuances , feelings and emotion from music and that’s what makes this speaker great.

  3. Venkat S

    I initially heard these speakers at friends place and was too impressed. Picked up these from hifimart.com and have been revisiting my music collection. I am surprised that this brand is not popular among the audiophile forum members as I had not heard this brand of speakers before. The build quality surpassed even more expensive speakers and sound should be heard.

  4. Damodaran

    In my opinion, this would be the best bookshelf speaker under the 50K price range. Easily produces the nuances of any music and gently engages you in its musicality. Overall a BEST BUY for any music lover with a decent amp.

  5. Gautal Taleja

    Large bookshelf speakers that can produce tight room-filling bass and emotionally resolving mid-range. I listen to music 2 hours a day and this helps to discover many past recordings that I did not enjoy.

  6. P. Chandrasekaran

    Dear friends, I do not write reviews often. I have bought half a dozen speakers of high value and also many equipment from HiFiMart Mr. Anil.
    This Castle Knight2 is an excellent speaker for Rs 34k now it is a steal! Wonderfully balanced speakers. One of my most favourite. Buy this and enjoy!

  7. Sachin Chavan

    I’ve been having these speakers for over three years now. While I have changed many other components and accessories in my system, the Castle Knight 2 continue. It’s kind of surprising to persist with Rs 40k speakers with a Rs 90k streamer for example, but that’s the extent to which I like these speakers.

    Expect warm sound – imagine red wine – even port – it’s sweet sounding as well! Also unique with its depth, it produces a good about of bass and can even fit most living rooms – mine’s 325 sq ft and I never felt it lacked vigour. The soundstage is excellent but imaging is challenging. You need to get their placement spot on to get them sound to their potential. Keep at least 45 cm between the speaker rear and the wall behind it. These work best without toe in – that’s when you get the best soundstage and immaculate tonality.

    Don’t expect HiFi-ish sound (focused, precise etc). Buy only if you like organic, natural sounding speakers. They are solidly built and there’s no skimping on their construction. I use with the Castle Knight 2 speaker stand – a worth investment that made these speakers a long term proposition for me.

    It’s unfortunate that the speakers have been out of stock and not being imported. Castle is also a brand which is far less known than say Wharfedale, Quad, QA etc. Hope more Indian audiophiles get to enjoy this sound.

  8. Sachin Chavan

    Addendum to my review (site owner can decide to merge the two):

    So, why did I rate it 4/5? Firstly, I am a difficult rater – it takes a lot for me to rate anything 5/5 or 10/10. In this case. though I love the sound of the Knights, they do have a certain roll off in the highs. Higher octaves won’t be prominent – that can reduce the liveliness for certain songs if you are used to full range sound. It’s not a deal-breaker for me though, but everybody listens differently. These are gems but for this one factor.

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