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Sound Foundations
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The Cerapod brings about immediate focus and solidity with an improvement in transient attack and decay. Besides tightening up the bass, the midrange notably gets clearer and fuller with higher frequencies getting neater, cleaner and more extended.

It utilizes a precision-machined ceramic ball in an aluminum alloy cage. A special polymer o ring holds the assembly in place forming a vacuum and damps vibrations.

The assembly can simply be placed near the existing feet of your equipment used directly under the chassis of your equipment thus by-passing the stock feet, which, many a time are simply ordinary isolators that tend to overdamp causing an energy loss.

The genesis of the Cera family offers excellent access to the world of the finest sound enhancing system. Being in the second generation already, Cerapod Provides a screw-on function as well as a budget price. The screw-on part is under the isofelt on top and bottoms. Hence for screw ones the felt needs to be removed

Be it your turntable or your reference CDP or DAC or Mac mini the cerapod is guaranteed to give you the most accurate, detailed and dynamic imaging. Use it under your Preamps and hear a new level of depth and sound staging.

This is also a perfect isolation tool for stand mount speakers or as an alternative to spikes on your speaker stands. Having both surfaces flat it leaves no dents/marks on the speaker base which inverted spikes would. No sticking means no glue marks on your speaker base.

It becomes a must-have for audiophiles who require that extra isolation for their standmounts.

The all-new Cerapods have been launched after extensive research – The use of duralumin impart an excellent tone with a small hint of "tubyness" and warmth going far beyond the older version with respect to timing and spatial accuracy.


  • Best value for money ball based  isolation device
  • Optimum range of application: 5 – 40 kg of component weight
  • Recommended for audio components – speakers and CDP, DAC, streamers , apple iMac, hard drives, PSU trains as a replacement to spikes under speaker stands.

Known for accurate bass response, transparency and deeper insights into the recordings


  • Material:  precision-machined aluminum with  high-tech ceramic ball ( black zirconium nitride )
  • Usable height:  45 mm
  • Dimensions:  Ø 25 mm (top section), Ø 38 mm (bottom section)
  • Load capacity:   40 kg (set of 4), 30 kg (set of 3)
  • Colour: Jet black bottom with champagne electro anodized tops

Versions:  set of 4, set of 3

Use – in case of equipment with feet place the item next to the components feet but do not place the stock feet on the isolation device


Sound Foundations

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Sound Foundations

3 reviews for CeraPOD MK2

  1. Rahuul Ramachandrran

    I found this works very well with my preamp and power amp too. There was a slight warmth and ease that came to the sound.

    Plan to order another set for my CD transport.

  2. Macoy

    These stands have made tremendous impact on addition to my Audiolab 6000a ..Adding these have freed up a clutter that was happening..there is more detail in the center and heard the change and difference instantly ..well designed and crafted and a Good design by Sound Foundation…Thanks to Hifi Mart for keeping such accessories made available …I am Glad I made the right choice and grateful to thr advice given by a friend a long time ago ..( Joshua ) ..thanks Buddy

  3. Vea

    There is a change when paired with all my equipments, but some of those changes I don’t prefer. I find it very effective underneath my streamer/dac, while I didn’t like the sound when used with my tube preamp. The sound also varies depending on where this is placed underneath the equipment. It sure brings another dimension to the sound when used with the right equipment. When it works, it’s a bargain.

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