Elac ARB51 Navis Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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Elac ARB51 Navis Powered Bookshelf Speakers

ELAC’s new Navis Series answers every minimalist audiophile’s dream of a no-compromise powered speaker driven by best-inclass amplifiers that are truly deserving of the name “high end.” While most powered speakers rely on Class D digital designs, ELAC engineers build in 300 watts of pure analog amplification— for maximum power and exceptional sound. Add the Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to your system, and Navis becomes a wireless speaker that lets you enjoy streaming content without a cable in sight.

Powerful Trifecta
Inside each Navis Bookshelf Loudspeaker is a Tri-Amp Pure Analog Amplifier, employing three separate amps for each transducer: a 160-watt BASH AB amplifier for the woofer, a 100-watt BASH AB amplifier for the midrange, and a 40-watt Class AB amplifier for the tweeter. A total amplifier power of 300 watts ensures that each transducer is optimally—and amply—powered, eliminating clipping and crossover distortion, and driving each transducer with authority. Specs like a 110 dBA signal-to-noise ratio and 100 uV noise floor could only come from such audiophile-quality amps!

Beautiful Cabinets
Navis’s elegant design integrates perfectly with any interior. Its enclosure has a fine-furniture finish, available in Gloss Black, Gloss White and Wood Veneer. A dedicated floor stand completes the installation, and is recommended for optimum performance.

All New Custom Designed Midrange/Tweeter
One reason the Navis sounds so natural is because of its in-house developed transducer, a 4-inch aluminum midrange driver with a concentrically mounted 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Combined, this signature configuration lets Navis set the performance standard for its class.

Flexible Connections
Local inputs include balanced XLR, RCA and Wireless, when used with ELAC’s Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to stream Discovery, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, AirPlay and Roon. Just switch Wireless “Off” for a no-compromise analog input and output.

Product Specifications of the Elac ARB51 Navis Powered Bookshelf Speakers

  • Speaker type:
  • 3-Way Powered
  • Tweeter:
  • 1″ Soft Dome Concentrically Mounted
  • Midrange:
  • 4″ Aluminum
  • Woofer:
  • 5-1/4″ Aluminum
  • Frequency Response:
  • 44Hz – 28kHz
  • Crossover Frequency:
  • 2.2kHz / 260Hz
  • Total Amplifier Power:
  • 300 Watts Total
  • Bass Amplifier:
  • 160 Watt Bash Amplifier
  • Midrange Amplifier:
  • 100 Watt Bash Amplifier
  • Tweeter Amplifier:
  • 40 Watt Class AB Amplifier
  • Inputs:
  • RCA / XLR / AirX² Wireless
  • Cabinet finishes:
  • Gloss Black, Gloss White
  • Height:
  • 13.58″
  • Width:
  • 7.44″
  • Depth:
  • 9.45″
  • Net weight (each):
  • 17.85lbs



ELAC Speakers: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Music

ELAC is a well-known audio equipment manufacturer that has been in the business for over 90 years. The brand's commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a reputation as a go-to choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. One of the standout products from ELAC is their bookshelf speakers. The Debut 2.0 B6.2 bookshelf speakers, for example, offer a level of sound quality that is unmatched at their price point. They feature custom-designed drivers and waveguides that deliver crisp, clear sound with excellent imaging and soundstaging. For those who want even more power and performance, ELAC offers a range of floor-standing speakers. The Adante AF-61 floor-standing speakers, for instance, boast a unique design that incorporates advanced driver technology and a multi-port cabinet to deliver deep, powerful bass and crystal-clear highs. ELAC also offers a range of center channel speakers that are designed to deliver crystal-clear dialogue in movies and TV shows. The Uni-Fi UC5 center channel speaker, for instance, features a custom-designed concentric driver that delivers outstanding midrange and high-frequency performance. In addition to their high-quality speakers, ELAC also offers a range of subwoofers, amplifiers, and other audio equipment that is designed to work together seamlessly. Whether you're a music lover, a movie buff, or a gaming enthusiast, ELAC has something to offer that will take your audio experience to the next level. In conclusion, ELAC is a brand that is dedicated to delivering exceptional audio quality at every price point. Their range of bookshelf, floor-standing, and center channel speakers are among the best in the industry, and their commitment to innovation and quality ensures that their products are always at the forefront of audio technology.
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1 review for Elac ARB51 Navis Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

  1. Tara Savarna

    I think these speakers are amazing, they have a lot of power and they really sound great. I’ve been using these speakers for a couple of months and I think they are really worth the money. I have a lot of other speakers, but these are the best ones. They are really easy to set up and the sound is great. I definitely recommend them.

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