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Fyne Audio F301 Speaker (Pair)

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32,215.00 Pair

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Perfect for smaller listening rooms, the Fyne Audio F301 is a compact, stand-mount or bookshelf loudspeaker offering outstanding flexibility and class-leading performance.

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Fyne Audio F301 Speaker

Perfect for smaller listening rooms, the Fyne Audio F301 is a compact, stand-mount or bookshelf loudspeaker offering outstanding flexibility and class leading performance. As a front stereo pair, the F301 excels at delivering dynamic bass and the musical articulation of more expensive designs. Its high current handling is equally at home in home theatre systems where the F301’s easy-to-drive nature and deep bass punch are compatible with a wide range of AV amplifiers and receivers.

When you invest in a pair of FYNE AUDIO loudspeakers, you’ll be pleased to know that the development of each product has been undertaken by an enthusiastic and experienced team who have been in the loudspeaker business for very many years. At every level of the design process, be it acoustic know-how, mechanical engineering, choice of materials or manufacturing expertise, our loudspeakers have been tuned to offer best-in-class performance.


The Fyne Audio F300 range benefits from the very best technical and acoustic expertise in the loudspeaker industry. Offering a scale of specification and audiophile performance unrivalled at its price, the line-up provides versatility for music lovers or movie enthusiasts. With a choice of two bookshelf or stand-mount models, two floorstanders, a centre channel and dipole speaker, there are plenty of options to suit a wide variety of listening environments.



A well-constructed cabinet is the starting point for any high-performance loudspeaker. Exceptional rigidity is provided on all Fyne Audio F300 models through a combination of MDF panels which are cross-braced internally. The additional stiffness is achieved by coupling the low-frequency driver’s magnet to the cabinet bracing using a resonant-absorbing mastic. Widening the footprint on the floor standing models, using a plinth with floor coupling spikes, provides stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging.



Optimal performance of each of the Fyne Audio F300 models is assured by using high-quality precision components within the crossover, including low-loss LF laminated core inductor and HF polypropylene capacitors. Although the designs are computer optimised, fine-tuning is always undertaken through critical auditioning. The gold-plated speaker terminals ensure a clean signal path and the top of the range F303 has bi-wire terminals fitted to further enhance performance.



Fyne Audio aims to provide best in class performance at all price levels and the careful component selection for the F300 drivers helps to meet this goal.


Utilising a multifibre paper cone on the bass/midrange drivers delivers a natural sounding midrange and clean transient behaviour. Fitted to the centre of the driver is a phase plug which provides smooth midrange roll-off characteristics. FyneFluteTM technology, used on the driver’s roll rubber surround, provides a non-homogeneous interface which very effectively terminates cone energy.



The tweeter combines a powerful Neodymium magnet system with a 25mm Polyester dome producing crisp and controlled high frequency detail. Integrated within the protective mesh cover is a phase loss compensator which delays the output from specific areas of the dome to give a smooth and extended response.


Specifications of the Fyne Audio F301 Speaker

  • System Type 2 way, rear ported
  • Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS) 25- 100
  • Continuous power handling (Watt RMS) 50
  • Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m) 89dB
  • Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
  • Frequency response (-6dB typical in room) 44Hz- 28kHz
  • Drive unit complement 1 x 150mm multi-fibre bass/ mid 1 x 25mm polyester dome tweeter
  • Crossover frequency 3.2kHz
  • Crossover type 2nd order low pass, 3rd order high pass –
  • Dimensions – HxWxD 300 x 190 x 271mm (11.8 x 7.5 x 10.7”)
  • Weight – Each 5.3kg (11.7lb)
  • Finishes Walnut / Black Ash


Fyne Audio

Fyne Audio: The Art of Audio Engineering

Fyne Audio is a UK-based loudspeaker manufacturer that has been gaining attention for its innovative designs and exceptional sound quality. The company's products range from compact bookshelf speakers to high-end floor-standing models, and each one is crafted with precision and attention to detail. One of the standout products from Fyne Audio is the F302 floor-standing speaker. The F302 features a sophisticated driver system that is optimized for excellent sound quality, and its sleek design ensures that it looks great in any room. With its rich, detailed sound and deep, powerful bass, the F302 is an exceptional addition to any audio setup. Fyne Audio's bookshelf speakers are also highly regarded in the industry. The F500 bookshelf speaker, for example, features a unique driver system that delivers exceptional clarity and detail, even at low volumes. With its compact size and elegant design, the F500 is an excellent choice for music lovers who want great sound without sacrificing style. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of their products, from the materials used to the design and engineering process. The company's team of experienced engineers and designers use the latest technologies and techniques to create speakers that are both beautiful and functional. In conclusion, Fyne Audio is a brand that is dedicated to the art of audio engineering. With their innovative designs and exceptional sound quality, their products are an excellent choice for music lovers and audio enthusiasts. Explore the world of Fyne Audio and experience the true potential of your music collection.

6 reviews for Fyne Audio F301 Speaker (Pair)

  1. Shashank

    The F301 is a great little pair of speakers. I have it hooked up to an amplifier and it sounds really good. It is easy to hook up and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a powerful, clear and crisp audio experience. As usual, the buying experience and service from hifimart are great as usual.

  2. Kushal Gupta

    I used to have a pair of these and honestly, I don’t know how I lived without them. There is no better way to enjoy your music than to hear it played through a pair of F301s. If you’re looking to get a speaker upgrade but are on a budget, I highly recommend this speaker. The output is beautiful and the sound is crisp. The bass sounds really good and clean, not boomy at all. They are really high quality and feel really solid.

  3. Biren Chopra

    I’ve recently purchased the F301 speakers at the special offer price and they are absolutely amazing. They are great for the price, and I’m really enjoying the sound quality. The design is cool, and I am happy I decided to buy these. Thank you Fyne Audio for making an amazing product for a low price.

  4. Arhana Jeeri

    This is a great speaker and it works well in just about any setting. It also has a great sound that is crisp and clear. This is a very nice speaker and I highly recommend it. The price is also good and affordable.

  5. Anand Wable

    I love these speakers. They have a warm sound with a lot of detail, which is what I personally prefer. It was super easy to set them up too. I connected the speakers to my stereo amp and they worked right away. The only thing I would recommend is getting a different or better cable to connect your amplifier to these speakers as it makes a big difference.

  6. Daanish Yadav

    I have been using the F301 loudspeaker for a couple of weeks and I can say that it delivers the sound quality I was expecting. The bass is deep and powerful but not overwhelming, the midranges are clear and the highs are crisp. The setup was easy and I did not have any difficulties getting the speakers to pair with my laptop. I would definitely recommend the F301 to anyone who is looking for a pair of speakers that can offer great value for money. Currently using this with the Marantz PM6006 amplifier.

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