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Luxman JPS-100 Reference Speaker Cable

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Luxman JPS-100 Reference Speaker Cable

The Luxman JPS-100 Reference Speaker Cable uses high purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) for the core wire and drain wire. By setting the twist pitch of the core wire to a gentle 90mm, Luxman engineers have achieved natural and smooth transmission characteristics. Since it is sold separately, you can choose the optimal length for the speaker’s setting position.

Performance and features of the Luxman JPS-100 Reference Speaker Cable

  • High purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire is used as the core wire.
  • Adopts an oxygen-free copper (OFC) drain wire with antistatic effect.
  • In order to achieve natural signal transmission without clogging, the sound quality is tuned to a gentle twisting pitch of 90mm.

Specification of the Luxman JPS-100 Reference Speaker Cable

composition 2-core, 90mm gentle twist construction
core wire Oxygen-free copper (OFC) 0.25mm x 100 pieces (5mm2)
Insulator Polyethylene (red, white)
Core wire semiconductor twisting pitch 90mm
sheath PVC (black)
drain wire Oxygen-free copper (OFC) 0.08mm x 30 pieces
Core conductor resistance 3.5Ω/km or less (20℃)
insulation resistance 1,000MΩ・km or more (20℃)
capacitance 76pF/m or less
Withstand voltage AC500V (1 minute)
Cable outer diameter 11.0mm×6.4mm



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