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OrKa PowerFlux Reference Power Cable


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OrKa PowerFlux Reference Power Cable

Named after the unmistakable black and white dolphins the OrKa is a true rock and Roll cable with a Dynamic presentation having a prominent projection and bringing the instruments and vocals to you, more dynamic and more airy. Self-assured and composed making an immediate emotional connection.

Our flagship reference power cable stands shoulder to shoulder with its acclaimed international counterparts and we guarantee a performance that will take on even the flagship cables of most of our peers.

Stock and Budget power cables constrict and compress audio transients due to their characteristic impedance which restricts transient currents.

The orka uses 16 Multiplex composite copper conductors, each with a separate Teflon wrap extruded from high pressure and low temperature to form a super spiral litz structure.

This structure has been developed to minimize the impedances and hence it focuses on peak and instantaneous energy delivery

In addition to this, 100% copper shielding with correct grounding and a multi-layer PVC anti-vibration outer jacket ( which ensures a separation between the shield and current carrying cores ) provide a phenomenal emi shield WITHOUT forming any choke on the dynamism providing an ultra-low noise and ultra-low impedance path for the power signal.

The outer net adopts nylon + anti-damping PP cotton blending to minimize external interferences such as FRI and static pickups.

The Japanese power plugs are OEM with 512R pure copper with Rhodium plating. The Fibreglass shell with carbon fibre impregnation for vibration absorption and damping provides an electrically nonresonant outer cover

Be assured, improvements to your audio performance will be immediate and substantial.

We guarantee it .!


This cable simply shines with its dynamic capability and rhythm. If you are the kind of kinesthetic listener who plays their music loud and cannot help tapping your feet and nodding your head, or worse, getting up and dancing to it, the Orca is for you!

The sound with the Orca will immediately attract your attention and impress you like say an Amitabh Bachchan would with his performance. It projects the sound closer to the listener and has more airy treble. It also does better with rhythm and timing, leading to the subconscious foot tapping.


“The OrKa feels like listening to live stage performance while the Mysteceti  feels more like well recorded studio performance

The OrKa is like a 25 year old dynamic youth. Mysteceti  is like a 45 year old mature person.

So while the former is impressive like say Amitabh Bachchan, who captures your attention, the latter one on the other hand is immersive like say Amol Palekar or Sanjeev Kumar”

Specifications of the OrKa PowerFlux Refernce Power Cable


  • Conductors : 16 Multistrand conductors
  • Super spiral superlitz structure
  • Insulation: DuPont TEFLON (red, black, yellow)
  • Conductor material         : 4N OFC Copper
  • Section Main conductors : 6x 0.5813mm² (19.5AWG) = 3.6mm²
  • Negative : 6x 0.5813mm² (19.5AWG)
  • Ground : 4x 0.5813mm² (19.5AWG)
  • Insulation            : Teflon
  • Shielding :           Braided Copper
  • Sheath:                 Braided Polyester
  • Fillers: Moisture-proof transparent film, Shock-absorbing fibers
  • Diameter             16mm
  • Length – 1.5m
  • Color     Black
  • Male Plug  – UK 3 pin –(Reference copper Cryo)



Sound Foundations

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Sound Foundations


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