SoundArtist LS3/5 a BBC design Variant Speaker


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SoundArtist LS3/5 a BBC design Variant Speaker

The LS 3/5 a is a legendry design licensed by the BBC .It is one of the most famous speakers in most audiophile circles known for is natural and smooth vocal presentation and immediate emotional connect.

It has been a favorite on almost every forum and music afficandos have just loved this speaker
The more famous LS3/5 design versions are the HARBETH P3esr , the Graham audio LS3/5 , and the Falcon audio LS3/5.

The Harbeth has long been considered a favorite. Each design has minor differences owing to their crossover parts.
The BBC design was built for near field listening by the BBC however Rogers ( under the far East owners Wo Kee Hong – aka Ho ) are believed to have very slightly tweaked the crossover parts for regular medium field listening for sterophiles when their manufacturing had shifted to the far East in the early 2000s

“Soundartist” has been touted (unconfirmed ) to be an OEM at the time when they moved their operations to the PRC
Rogers has Since restarted it’s operations recently ( 2018 ) and shifted operations back to the UK

We bring to you the Soundartist version of the LS3/5a. (Strikingly similar to the Rogers 65 anniversary version) There are many reviews of the version and is considered by many reviewers as a serious contender considering its stunningly low price.

Just like the Harbeth this is a sealed design giving accurate bass without smearing the rest of the spectrum , Just as the Harbeth this uses an HDF cabinet as opposed to the plywood used in other LS3/5 designs .

The Soundartist uses a kit ( speaker drivers ) that are sourced from the older KEf variants so they come with excellent driver units
We consider it as the most value for money option for audiophiles who would love to have one of the more famous BBC LS3/5 designs mentioned above but are currently not able to afford it

Review links

Sound Artist LS3/5A Speaker Review
Review!  Sound Artist 'LS3/5a' Bookshelf Speakers.

The Soundartist does not disappoint being an extremely natural sounding speaker for small to medium sized rooms.

The crossover has been carefully curated for medium field listening with a flat frequency response , tight bass and an extremely natural tonal presentation with one of the best midrange performances
The emotion gets to you immediately

It comes with gold plated 4mm binding posts and a vintage speaker front grill
The speaker goes well with a nice tube amp or a 50 watt Ss amp

We also have matching speaker stands for the speaker

Features and Specifications of the SoundArtist LS3/5 a BBC design Variant Speaker

  • Great value for money for those who love the Harbeth, Graham , falcon audio
  • BBC design
  • Sensitivity 84 dB
  • Size 190mm w * 184 mm d * 306 mm
  • Freq response 75Hz to 25Khz +/- 3dB

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