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Wharfedale EVO 4.2 plus Audiolab 6000A

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Wharfedale EVO 4.2 plus Audiolab 6000A

The Wharfedale EVO 4.2 plus Audiolab 6000A stereo package is an ideal stereo package for music lovers looking for a complete stereo solution to satisfy their path to sonic enlightenment.

The system consists of:
One Pair Wharfedale EVO 4.2 3-way Bookshelf Speakers
One Piece Audiolab 6000A Amplifier



Buy brand new & genuine Audiolab products from India's official online dealer with GST Invoice and manufacturer's warranty. Since its inception in the early '80s, Audiolab has earned global acclaim for its award-winning line of HiFi separates. The company's commitment to quality is evident in every product it makes. During the ensuing years, the 8000A established itself as one of the most successful British amps ever produced, and was joined by a range of electronics including CD players, pre/power amps and an FM tuner. The brand switched hands in 1997, changing its name to TAG McLaren Audio; and it so was known until 2004 when audiolab became part of the International Audio Group and returned to its original name. “If ever a product defined its market, the 8000A is the one. Reliability, ease of use, engineering excellence and a well-behaved sound are the pillars supporting the justified reputation of the 8000A. Over the years, audiolab’s no-nonsense, evolutionary approach to design has widely been recognised.” – Audiohile with Hi-Fi Answers. AudioLab offers a broad range of audio components and accessories designed to bring you closer to your music. This award-winning brand has been making a name for itself in the hi-fi industry since its inception. The company’s primary aim is to provide quality products at affordable prices and we believe that this attitude has brought Audiolab much success over the years. audiolab is a unique brand that offers high-end audio equipment with a difference. Their products are designed in the UK and manufactured using the highest quality components; all built to last for many years.


Buy brand new & 100% genuine Wharfedale speakers from India's official online dealer at the special offer price with a manufacturers warranty.
Wharfedale Brand

2 reviews for Wharfedale EVO 4.2 plus Audiolab 6000A

  1. Mr. H Shenoy

    Going into this review, I had very high expectations for the Wharfedale Evo4.2 speakers with the Audiolab 6000A, as I have heard many good things about them. I was seriously blown away by the sound quality these speakers put out. I was able to test these speakers with a variety of different music, including hip hop, rock, classical, and more. Each genre was played well, but vocals, jazz, and instrumental classical music were probably the most impressive. The soundstage was amazing, and the detail that these speakers put out was incredible. The customer service was great and the shipping was fast. I would recommend this system to anyone who likes great sound quality.

  2. Som

    *** not an audiophile + comments are subjective ***
    I’ve been using this combination for a month and a half, and I finally feel ready to write about it. The sound has evolved a bit over this time, which is something one has to be prepared for.
    To begin with, I have to say that this is the purest and cleanest sound I’ve heard in my life. Nothing I’ve come across quite compares. The system sounds like it’s giving you the music exactly as recorded, without its own spin (enhancement if you like it, distortion if you don’t). For the music I listen to – late baroque, mostly – this is an absolute blessing, because it lets the airiness of a Suzuki-BCJ interpretation shine through, while not compromising the intensity of Gardiner’s miraculous ensembles. Harpsichord music is precise without being tinny, and violins are fluent and resonant without being screechy. Vocal music sounds like the singer is in the room. The only small complaint one could have is with organ music, where the pedal notes come across with clarity but are somewhat lacking in the growl that one is used to. But it handles the cello’s lower notes fluently.
    The other feature I must write about is the listening experience. I heard a lot about the 4.2 speakers’ disappointing off-axis performance, and I did feel that way myself at first. Over time, though, I notice a significant improvement, to a point where I’m quite happy with what I hear even when I get up and walk over to answer the door. And at a proper listening position, my matchbox-sized (if one is charitable) Mumbai living room somehow expands into something much more capacious, exactly big enough for whatever’s playing. Opening one’s eyes is always a jolting experience, no matter how many times it’s happened before.
    A third feature I should highlight is that the level of detail, which lets you focus on any specific aspect that you like, without losing track of the whole. For music rich in counterpoint, this again is a blessing.
    What do I not like? Well, the sound isn’t really big – so if you like your Bruckner rare or medium-rare, then this sound may not really be for you (disclaimer – I don’t know which hardware can do a good job of rendering a proper red-blooded Bruckner symphony, hope to find out one day). Likewise, for bass-heavy music, you might find it wanting (again, I haven’t tried). Lastly, these are after all bookshelves, even if they’re impossibly good ones, so if you’re listening late at night at low volume so as not to disturb the neighbours, you may not find the granularity and detail satisfying.
    For me, so far, it’s been a wonderful experience, and at this rate I expect, over the system’s (and my) lifetime, to be repaid handsomely for my investment. Many thanks to Anil at Hifimart for sending me down this path!

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