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Last week i had the privilege of picking up a Rega Elex-R amplifier with the immense help and guidance of Mr. Anil. From my past experience with Audio/Video dealers, i have come to the conclusion that they basically lack integrity and maximizing profit is their sole agenda, at the cost of customer satisfaction. But to my utter surprise and delight Mr. Anil (a music lover) went out of the way to patiently guide me and helped me in getting hold of the audiophile amplifier in the quickest possible way, without any hassles whatsover and at the best possible price. Kudos to Mr. Anil for his exemplary help and support to a HiFi enthusiast. As long as people like Mr. Anil are at the helm, HIFI Mart is in safe hands and i have no hesitation in branding HIFI Mart the best Audio/Video equipment dealer in India. I am a audio/video afficionado based in Bangalore and i have been into home theatre/hifi for more than 16 years.