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My listening experience in the

My listening experience in the recent past was restricted mostly to headphones, in car audio and Bluetooth speakers. With high speed internet and hi fi streaming becoming a reality, thought of investing in a hi fi stereo system. For a newbie the hi fi market is flooded with equipment and speakers. Did some research online and finally called Mr Anil at hifimart. He listened patiently about my music sources, speaker positions, my requirements and suggested a Denon DRA 800H stereo network receiver coupled with a pair of wharfedale diamond 11.2. Due to covid restrictions there was no chance of a  listening experience and had to rely solely on Mr Anil’s expert opinion. He answered all my queries as a newbie, never tried to push any particular product. I was thinking about floor standing speakers or higher priced speakers but he insisted on the wharfedales. Purchase process and delivery was completely hassle free. Installed the system after a few days. Completely blown away by the sound. I had terms like soundstage and stereo image, but for the first time i could feel them. Felt like Late Jagjit Singh and Norah Jones both performed live in my apartment. Final verdict: trust anil ji for hi fi advice, completely transparent purchase process, and you get what you want, not what the seller wants you to have.

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