Siddhant Taneja

Look no further than HiFiMart!
Bought a Marantz CD player at HifiMart – the first time I bought an AV product online. Got a great deal and prompt shipping! There was a major problem with the product and it could not read any CDs. I wrote to HifiMart and they guided me to the service center, sent me a soft copy of the invoice and waited for an update. Once it became clear that the product had something wrong with it and key parts would have to be replaced, they kicked into gear and called the distributor and managed to get me a replacement shipped – all this in a day! The new one arrived in 3 days and I picked it up at the service center. Although I went through a bit of heartbreak and pain, they kept reassuring me that all would be well. Anil and his team are not only passionate about this area but are skilled at execution too. Am on my way to years of great sounding music now – and at a bargain price. I am a HifiMart fan for life!