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Looking for a pair of bookshelves to replace my dali 3 I called anil from hifi mart. I was ready to spend a fair bit as I was considering speakers as everything I had seen was over 2 lakhs. I started about asking about the top of the line speakers. FIve minutes into the conversation I mentioned that I loved listening to some harbeths. Hearing this anil discouraged me from a lot of fairly expensive options that he had in stock and all but forced me to pick up the Denton 85. In a nutshell, I love them. thanks for saving me a bucket full of money without losing on the experience. I am still amazed at the level the speakers are performing … I have friends (who have reference quality speakers from brands which are 5 x of my whole setup) come over and gush over them. thanks, anil and hifi mart for a wonderful experience. The only downside … the courier company they use in all probability is slow 🙂 …and that’s not fun when you are excited about a new piece of equipment.