Marantz AV SR5014This is my

Marantz AV SR5014

This is my second purchase from Anil, first one date back to 2014, when I auditioned denon avr and wharfedale dimond series in ncr, Anil helped me choose right set of speakers which am still enjoying. My denon x2000 went haywire during recent lockdown and I needed avr to replace, I was looking for something which is more musical, and can be good fit for movie binge over weekend, I got what would say best deal possible, and nice change from denon, and it paired nicely with my wharfedales and brought out mids which wasn’t there before, definitely a good decision, though I had to strech a bit, but worth it, and also possibilities of upgrade to Atmos in near future, shipping was as expected bit delayed due country wide logistics issues and packing was good.

If you are looking for something audiophile garde, this would be your one place stop, with right set equipment availability and guidence.

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