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All merchandise sold on HiFiMART.com carries an official manufacturers warranty against any manufacturing defect and is valid in India unless otherwise explicitly stated. The warranty validity begins from the date on your invoice.

You can only claim a warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Please note that the warranty cannot be claimed for any damages under the following conditions below:

  • That may occur during the normal use of the device by way of overdriving or misusing the product beyond its intended range of use (like burnt-out voice coil, PCB, transistors or ICs, or overdriven speaker cone, etc.)
  • Damage because of the irregularity of voltage or current in your location.
  • Any internal or external physical damage to the product during the course of usage.
  • Any internal or external physical damage to the product while unpacking it from its original packing.
  • Any damages in/on the outer surface of the product, including but not limited to crack, scratches on the external surface.
  • the warranty does not cover natural wear and tear, usage under extreme conditions, damage due to improper care and damaged caused by an act of God such as floods, fire or earthquakes.
  • product is damaged because of corrosion or because of moisture or liquid damage.
  • failure to use and maintain the product according to the instructions that lead to damage or malfunction.
  • Disassembly, self-repair, modification or during a software or firmware update that may stall due to any reason.
  • unauthorized repair through the third party.
  • No valid document providing proof of purchase and date of original purchase.
  • Please note that International Warranty and return policies are not applicable in India.

HiFIMART does not handle and is not responsible for any warranty claims or service issues. If you have a warranty claim or service requirement on an item purchased from HiFiMART.com, please contact the respective authorised service centre or distributor. If the authorised distributor does not have a service centre in your city or town, the buyer will have to bear all costs and/or any other expenses involved in sending and receiving the item to and from the respective distributor and/or the respective service centre.

Tip: Please preserve your original packing for warranty claims.

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