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Satish Arolkar

Talking with Anil was as reassuring as the product to be delivered Both Pleasant and Trustworthy!
Hesitant as i was to order online It was an unbelievably pleasant experience sharing my needs with Anil and the subsequent delivery of a tamperproof, unbreakable, all weather, solid as a rock crate that showed respect for the… Read more “Satish Arolkar”

Satish Arolkar

I purchased a Marantz NR

I purchased a Marantz NR 1606 from HiFiMart in 2015 and have been enjoying the superb AVR with my Wharfedale Diamond bookshelf speakers and Polk Audio PSW 110 subwoofer (that I already had singing with my vintage Kenwood A-1 amplifier in 2.1 mode). The Marantz AVR changed my complete listening experience. I decided to upgrade… Read more “I purchased a Marantz NR”

Sharad Srivastava

Capt. J M Vaishnav

Really fast! Impressed. The Sonodyne SiA 310 amp is just right for the Bose Accoustimass 5 speakers for my bedroom. Happy to be able to hook up my turntable also and get cracking with my old vinyl collection!

Capt. J M Vaishnav