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Sound Foundations
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Cable elevator

Elevate your cables from the ill effects of carpeting and flooring that introduce “noise “into the system chain. The SoundFoundations cable elevator offers superb cable support performance by minimizing smear. This is achieved due to the cables low contact surface area (with respect to the surroundings) and the extremely low dielectric constant of the material used in the elevator. Using our elevators ensures the lowest insertion capacitance. This helps vastly in reducing the smear thus increasing resolution and controlling resonance.

The main purpose of the elevators is to ensure the lowest possible capacitance with respect to the surroundings (i.e. ground) Lower the influence – lower the signal degradation, coloration and loss.

Each elevator is a CNC laser acrylic horse having circular and semi-circular cutouts for the cable. It features a Laser engraved monogram on the smoked plexi giving the product a classy look. The elevator comes with an O ring that functions as a retainer for the top.

Audiophiles have used CD jewel cases, porcelain glasses, towels and even toilet paper rolls to elevate their cables. The SoundFoundations cable elevator not only provides the best results but also does it in style.

Testimonial By Schwinn Audio Consulting ( user since 2011 – Equipment DCS Scarletti, Tidal Amea, Cadence Canasya, Bertrum Audio cable, Silencable) :


  • Stable Four-point design
  • 2 cable support per elevator
  • Helps keeping your Speaker cables and power cables separate
  • Accepts cables up to 37mm in diameter
  • CNC machined smoked Plexi
  • Size: 4.5 inch tall and 3.5inch wide


Sound Foundations

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Sound Foundations


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