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Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier

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The Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier can be used as an integrated amplifier or a dedicated pre-amplifier or a power amplifier.

Audiolab harnesses its latest tech to deliver an affordable integrated amplifier, fully equipped to meet the demands of modern music lovers – from vinyl records to digital streaming. The Audiolab 6000A is a versatile integrated amp that needs to cover many bases – digital and analogue sources, wireless connectivity for portable devices, a phono stage to cater for vinyl playback, amplification for headphones as well as speakers… That’s a lot to pack in, whilst keeping performance high and the price tag affordable – and yet, that’s exactly what the 6000A delivers.

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Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier

The Audiolab 6000A incorporates high-quality D/A conversion, enabling digital sources to be connected directly without an external DAC. It supplies four digital inputs, three line-level analogue inputs, an input for a turntable, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and a dedicated headphone amp, in addition to its ability when driving loudspeakers. That’s some roster for such an affordable amp.

Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier Features

Audiolab 6000A is a Classic Hi-Fi product for the Modern Age

To incorporate all this functionality, there must be compromise under the lid, right? Wrong. The Audiolab 6000A’s lead electronics designer is Jan Ertner – the same man responsible for the 8300A, as well as many other award-winning audio components over the years. When challenged to deliver 6000A at such a low price point, Jan returned to the technologies he implemented in the 8300A and painstakingly redeveloped them, whilst adding high-quality digital circuitry to the mix. The result is a new-generation amplifier evolved from the architecture of its pricier sibling, delivering exceptional sound quality alongside those flexible facilities.

In many ways, then, the 6000A echoes the original 8000A concept from the early 1980s, rebooted for 2018 with the benefit of Audiolab’s latest technologies. When inflation is considered, it also happens to be the most inexpensive amplifier that Audiolab has ever produced.

Digital circuitry in the Audiolab 6000A

Much effort has been made to ensure the Audiolab 6000A’s digital circuitry delivers the level of quality one might expect of a high-performance standalone DAC. As ever, Audiolab has turned to the ES9018 Sabre32 Reference chip family to perform D/A conversion, utilising ESS Technology’s 32-bit HyperStream architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator to deliver ultra-low noise and high dynamic range.

No company knows more about making the most of this technically excellent, but challenging, DAC technology than Audiolab. If the circuitry that surrounds the ES9018 is not of sufficient standard, the resulting sound can seem a little cold and hard; treat it right, however, and the level of musical expression that this chip digs from the digital signal is captivating. Audiolab’s original, universally acclaimed M-DAC was one of the first home audio components to incorporate an ES9018 chip back in 2011, and the company has been honing its implementation ever since.

One such critical element is the post-DAC active filter. Ertner and his team have paid great attention to this circuit, developing a Class A topology using op-amps that were specifically chosen for their synergy with the ES9018.

The amp’s four S/PDIF digital inputs – two coaxial and two optical – handle hi-res PCM data up to 24-bit/192kHz and benefit from three user-selectable digital filters: ‘Fast Roll-Off’, ‘Slow Roll-Off’ and ‘Minimum Phase’. These settings allow the user to optimise the response to suit the source file and bandwidth of the partnering equipment.

Bluetooth connectivity, which includes support for the sonically superior aptX codec, allows easy wireless streaming from smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Bluetooth-paired devices also benefit from the quality of the amp’s DAC section and three digital filter options.

The analogue circuitry of the Audiolab 6000A

The Audiolab 6000A’s discrete Class AB power amp stage delivers 50W per channel into eight ohms, with a maximum current delivery of 9 Amps into difficult loads. The output stage of the discrete power amp circuits uses a CFB (Complementary Feedback) topology, ensuring superior linearity and excellent thermal stability, as the idle current is kept independent of the temperature of the output transistors. A substantial 200VA toroidal transformer, followed by 4x15000uF reservoir capacity (60000uF in total), helps the amp to maintain firm control of the music whilst enabling excellent dynamic range.

The preamp section is kept as simple as possible to maintain signal purity, with line input signals passing to a precision analogue volume stage. The latter covers the range from -80dB to +8dB in steps of 2dB and 1dB (step resolution increases with volume position). Much effort has gone into the physical layout of the 6000A’s circuitry, protecting the sensitive preamp section from noise interference. This, plus the use of independent low-noise power supplies for critical stages, helps to deliver a performance that rivals significantly more expensive analogue amplifiers, even before taking the 6000A’s impressive digital circuitry into account.

The Audiolab 6000A is great for even Turntables and Headphones

In recognition of the recent vinyl revival, Audiolab has included a phono stage for moving magnet phono cartridges – a high-quality, low-noise, JFET-based circuit with precise RIAA equalisation.

Similarly, an increasing number of people are using headphones for music listening, so Audiolab has incorporated a dedicated headphone amp with current-feedback circuitry. Its gain bandwidth and high slew rate ensure a dynamic, detailed and engaging performance with all manner of headphone types – more boxes ticked for this most integrated of integrated amplifiers.

The Audiolab 6000A has multiple Operational modes

The Audiolab 6000A’s flexibility with digital and analogue sources is not the only thing that makes it so versatile; it also offers three distinct operational modes, reflecting the amp’s discrete internal architecture and enabling it to adapt to its user’s evolving requirements.

The primary mode is ‘Integrated’ – this combines the pre and power amp stages, for the connection of digital and analogue sources to the amp’s inputs and a pair of speakers to its binding posts.

Pre-Power Mode’ disconnects the pre and power amp stages. The allows the 6000A to be used solely as a power amp – for example, connected to an AV processor in a home cinema system. It also enables additional signal processing to be added, by connecting the 6000A’s ‘preamp out’ socket to an external processor, then returning the processor’s output to the amp’s ‘power amp in’ socket.

Finally, ‘Pre Mode’ disables the power amp stage, turning the 6000A into a standalone preamp. This enables external power amplification to be added, thus providing a possible upgrade path.

The Audiolab 6000A gives you flexibility without any compromise

Jan Ertner, the project’s lead electronics designer, commented: “The majority of audio components that I design retail for a higher price, so the 6000A was a tremendous challenge – an integrated amp with a full roster of digital and analogue facilities at a target retail price of just under a grand.

What’s more, it had to deliver the excellent sound quality for which Audiolab is famed, without compromising one aspect of performance in order to accommodate another.

“I’m proud of the results we have attained. On DAC performance alone, the 6000A will match standalone DACs in the £500-£600 range. As for the analogue pre and power amp stages, we’ve worked long and hard to ensure that the 6000A delivers class-leading sound quality. As a package – a high-quality, affordable integrated amp for the modern age – the 6000A represents excellent value-for-money.”

The 6000A delivers remarkable sonic consistency, whatever the user connects to it. Its sound is musically engaging, yet also refined. The soundstage it produces is broad and deep, with crisply defined detail revealing the character of voices and instruments. Impressive dynamic range conveys natural impact, while the amp’s transient ability keeps feet tapping with rhythmic music.

Deep, well-defined bass, expressive midrange and sweet, subtle treble – the 6000A delivers an adroitly balanced performance with all kinds of music, from rock and electronica to classical and jazz. In short, it delivers an open window on the music being played, as all great hi-fi should, engaging the listener with natural, unforced energy that is fully reflective of the source material.

Audiolab firmly believes the 6000A is the best-value amplifier the company has ever produced.

Specification summary of the Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier

  • An integrated amplifier with DAC
  • Class AB power amplification: 2x50W into 8 ohms; 2x75W into 4 ohms
  • aptX Bluetooth streaming
  • ESS Technology Sabre32 Reference DAC
  • Three user-selectable digital filters
  • Class A post-DAC active filter
  • Low noise JFET MM phono stage
  • Dedicated current-feedback headphone amp
  • Three operational modes: Integrated Mode; Pre-Power Mode; Pre Mode

Inputs of the Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier

  • 4x S/PDIF digital audio (2x optical; 2x coaxial)
  • 4x analogue audio (3x line level; 1x MM phono)
  • Power amp input
  • USB for firmware updates
  • 12V trigger

Outputs of the Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier

  • Speaker binding posts
  • Headphone output
  • Preamp output
  • 12V trigger

Reviews of the Audiolab 6000A:

This Excellent Amplifier takes the fight to the Class Leader! – WHAT Hi-Fi

Here’s a round-up of reviews and awards to date for Audiolab’s outstanding 6000A and 6000CDT, from UK publications and websites.

  • What Hi-Fi? – 6000A – 5 stars (online Sept 2018, click here to view; in print Nov 2018 and Feb 2019 issues)
    ·         Hi-Fi Choice – 6000A – 5 stars, Editor’s Choice Award (Jan 2019 issue)
    ·         Hi-Fi World – 6000A – 5 globes, plus a ‘£’ sign denoting exceptional value for money (Feb 2019 issue)
    ·         Hi-Fi News – 6000A – Outstanding Product Award (Mar 2019 issue)
    ·         Hi-Fi Choice – 6000A – Group Test Winner (Feb 2019 issue)
    ·         Hi-Fi Choice – 6000CDT – 5 stars, Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Award (Mar 2019 issue)
    ·         Hifi Pig – 6000A and 6000CDT – Outstanding Product Award (online Nov 2018, click here to view)
    ·         Gramophone – 6000A and 6000CDT – Product of the Month (Mar 2019 issue)
Audiolab 6000A Amplifiers Review
Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier

No other integrated amp under £1,000 is receiving such universal praise across every publication… and the 6000CDT CD transport is clearly Audiolab’s 6000A’s perfect match!



Buy brand new & genuine Audiolab products from India's official online dealer with GST Invoice and manufacturer's warranty. Since its inception in the early '80s, Audiolab has earned global acclaim for its award-winning line of HiFi separates. The company's commitment to quality is evident in every product it makes. During the ensuing years, the 8000A established itself as one of the most successful British amps ever produced, and was joined by a range of electronics including CD players, pre/power amps and an FM tuner. The brand switched hands in 1997, changing its name to TAG McLaren Audio; and it so was known until 2004 when audiolab became part of the International Audio Group and returned to its original name. “If ever a product defined its market, the 8000A is the one. Reliability, ease of use, engineering excellence and a well-behaved sound are the pillars supporting the justified reputation of the 8000A. Over the years, audiolab’s no-nonsense, evolutionary approach to design has widely been recognised.” – Audiohile with Hi-Fi Answers. AudioLab offers a broad range of audio components and accessories designed to bring you closer to your music. This award-winning brand has been making a name for itself in the hi-fi industry since its inception. The company’s primary aim is to provide quality products at affordable prices and we believe that this attitude has brought Audiolab much success over the years. audiolab is a unique brand that offers high-end audio equipment with a difference. Their products are designed in the UK and manufactured using the highest quality components; all built to last for many years.


Official India Warranty for One Year from the date of purchase.

16 reviews for Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier


    The amp is refined and has a flat sound curve. The DAC is superb and the over all build quality is top notch. The amp projects lots of detail with excellent articulated sound. But the problem is that it does not match well with most of the speaker brands. I found it best matching with Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 BS Speakers.

    The amp does not have the basic Bass and Treble controls which is a real let down. There is always a need to tweak the sound as per your own taste and this amp does not allow this to do.

    I have tried this amp with B&W 652 S2, Tannoy Revolution XT8F, Tannoy Eclipse3, Elacs, Wharfedale Dentons, Emotiva Airmotive B1, Mission QX2

    The pre-out of this amp does not match well with Marantz PM7025 or Emotiva BasX A300 power amps. It again suggests a very finicky nature of this amp. Probably it will match well with Audiolab Power Amp.

    Recommended but attention on pairing with source and speakers. It will deliver then.

  2. Vikram Puri

    Purchased this amp on Anil’s advise and I am blown by the sound quality, features (like amazing DAC, Bluetooth, MM Phono Stage). Definitely one of the best amps under a lac.

  3. Jasper Sam

    Excellent build quality and stunning sound…If you love music and have decently good speakers then this amp is for you. No compromise at all.

  4. Jatinder Suri

    I was one of the first few to purchase this amp from hifimart.com when it was just released. I am now using this amp for the last 3-4 months and am very delighted with the sound quality and overall features of this amplifier. I have the B & W 603 and it drives it with ease. Recommended.

  5. Issac

    This amplifier is natural sounding compared to most other amplifiers I have heard in this price range. Good soundstage, awesome DAC and nice phono stage.


    GB CHHATRE – July 9, 2020.

    मैने पायोनियर SA-3000 POWER OUTPUT: 40 WATTS PER CHANNEL INTO 8Ω (STEREO) STEREO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER (1979-81), STEREO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER NAD C-372 POWER OUTPUT STEREO MODE 2 X 170W (8 OHMS WITHIN RATED DISTORTION), ये दोनो इम्फ्लीफायार आज तक इस्तेमाल करता हुं। अब ये सब पुरानी Analog Technology सिग्नल पर अच्छी तरह से काम करता है। इस मै DAC कि सुविधा नही है। मेरे पास दो दो इम्प्लिफायर होते हुए भी एक Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier Rs.78750/-,Hifimart से DAC कि सुविधा के लिये खरिदा है। ये इम्प्लिफायर Analog & digital technology दोनो सिग्नल पर काम करता है। इस इम्प्लिफायर कि खासियत ये भी कि साउंड क्वालिटी बहुत अच्छी है। जादा bass & treble जितनी जरुरी है उतानाही सुनते वक्त कानोको बहुत मिठास लगता है। अगर गाना अगर क्लासिकल के शौकीन हो तो ये इम्प्लिफायर खरीद सकता है। और इस इम्प्लिफायर कि और भी एक खासियत ये है कि, १० या १५ मिनिट के बाद इनपुट सिग्नल ना मिलने पर ऑटोमॅटिक बंद होकर पॉवर स्टॅन्ड मोडपर जाता। यह इम्प्लिफायर में मूल बास और ट्रेबल नियंत्रण नहीं है। Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier का refined और flat साउंड है DAC कि क्वालिटी बहुत अच्छा है।
    इस इम्प्लिफायर को युके के प्रकाशनो और वेबसाईटो से Audio lab 6000A Integrated Amplifier और 6000CDT के लिए समीक्षाएं और पुरस्कारो से सन्मानित किया है और पाच स्टार से (*****) संख्या प्राप्त है।

  7. bhupinder sidhu

    After lot of research & recommendation by Anil ji, i decided to go with 6000a & I was not disappointed with my decision. The music is more crisp & clear now & built in phono stage just awesome. I’m very happy with product & service by hifimart.

  8. Winston Dhanraj

    I was coming from a more laid-back and warm sounding Marantz+PSB combo (the Marantz had given-up), and I went in blind for Audiolab 6000A+QA Concept20 combo. This was a few weeks before Tarun’s (A British Audiophile) glowing review on the 6000A was out. I’ve had the new setup break in for a month now and I’m very much pleased with the results. The 6000A is truly Outstanding just as Tarun has rated it, I’m sure it would do justice to more capable speakers than Concept 20, leaving headroom for a future upgrade path. Thanks to both Anil and Kshitij to help close in on the decision !

  9. Macoy

    If you ever want to experience a tireless music listening experience and love warmth and a great depth with clear details coming forward ..then the Audiolab 6000a is an Amp to go for its been over a month and its opened up so beautifully and such enriched sound that I simply don’t feel like switching off at all ….Its running a pair of Lintons and they are so beautifully matched .I played every kind of music to push them and I have enjoyed it each time There is definition , clear imaging and overall brilliant delivery..Thanks to HiFi Mart and Mr Anil for the recommendations..I am extremely happy to have purchased these Gems ..its Perfect and I love them truly..

  10. Abhijit Chanda

    While I was buying my Wharfedale Lintons, I asked Anil which amp I should take with it. He recommended the Audiolab 6000A without hesitation, and I added that to my order right away.

    It’s a fantastic integrated amp, and so versatile! I love the big, rich, balanced sound it’s got and really does drive the Lintons very well. I just wish it had a tone control knob as I want to tweak the bass and treble a bit. I only found out later that tone knobs are more optional with audiophile-grade equipment. I got a subwoofer later on, so that’s solved the bass problem. And positioning the speakers correctly has made the treble pop quite a bit more.

    So after a bit of experimentation, I’ve got the gear to sound absolutely out of this world! I even got the Audiolab 6000CD to play my CDs on and it’s the perfect pairing in both looks and sound.

    Thanks so much for getting me into this world, HifiMart. You’ve got a happy customer indeed over here.

  11. Muralidharan D

    Purchased from hifimart and used with 6000N Play streamer. Speakers are Q Accoustics Concept 20. Fantastic performance like an audiophile grade system. Even in 50W/ch, I think, most suitable for bedrooms and average size living areas. If need more lows, use a active subwoofer with around 300Watts.

  12. Amit Gupte

    Had wanted to get a 2 channel amp to add to my HT for a while – the ability to switch from integrated to power amp mode at a turn of a dial was a major temptation to buy it. The versatility of this amp is amazing.

    I was hoping for some improvement in 2 channel sound compared to the HT receiver i was using (which is fairly highend, costing ~2 lakhs), but in reality it ended being significantly better than expectations. I am very impressed by the clean and detailed sound delivery that this amp outputs.

    It pairs very well with the AudioLab 6000 CDT I had bought earlier. Vinyl also sounds very good with this amp – the built in phono stage was more than good enough for me to pack up my external pro-ject phonostage.

    I would highly recommend!

  13. Vinod Kumar A

    I bought the Audiolab 6000A from HiFiMart and received the unit here in Bangalore yesterday. It sounds excellent with a warm and neutral sound with a huge spacious soundstage. Currently I have paired with my Fyne Audio F-302 floor standing speakers and it paired well with it. I also own few other amplifiers such as Yamaha R-N602, Marantz PM6007and Quad Vena. Compared to all of these, the 6000A sounds much better in terms of clarity and imaging, also feels more powerful. Thank you Mr.Anil suggesting the 6000A and getting it for me.

  14. Deepak Mittagunta

    Overall a fantastic experience with Audiolab 6000A and my pruchase experience with Hifimart, the stereophony that you get with the amp is something that you cant easily acheive. I am in love with the overall experience.

    I have treid the amp with a variety of speakers such as Portable JBL’s, Klipsch RP 600M, Wharfdale Lintons, Heritage Boston Accoustics.

    Overall i found speakers which are high sensitivity work well, my preference have been the ones which are bit forward in sound such as the Boston accoustics or Klipsch RP600M.

  15. Manpreet Singh

    An outstanding amp…. I was apprehensive of the fact that there are no Tone controls and it has ‘just 50 watts’ of power…. but my apprehensions were misfounded and prejudicial – based on what Youtube and print media had fed me for years. I only.
    To understand where my view comes from – I listen to only rock & metal. My room is smallish (11 x 13) with width greater than the length.
    1. The amp is tonally balanced, the sound is centre, upfront and always enjoyable and legible at all sound levels. There has not been a single occasion in over a month when I felt the need for tone controls. I had read reviews here with the same sentiment and had thought that these guys dont know better or each listener has a different taste – but there actually is no need for tone controls. However, the Filter settings offer a variability equivalent to pre-set tone controls.
    2. The 50 watts at tap are good enough to fill my room with an enveloping and realistic sound. In my smallish room with wooden walls and carpeted floor, it is very easy to achieve concert level sound and believability. I have a Yamaha integrated amp with 100 watts per channel and tone controls – which cant hold a candle to this Audiolab amp.
    1. The sound is sweet and enjoyable till 80 dB (which is loud enough for most people) even for genres like rock & metal. However, if you want it louder, you will sacrifice some sweetness and harshness will creep into the mix beyond 90 dB.
    2. I find that the sweetspot is too small and the soundstage gets out of whack with minimal movement – however – this maybe due to the room dimensions and very small distance between listening position and the speakers.
    3. The RCA inputs bypass the DAC, and suddenly your computer and phone will sound tame and lifeless. But this is not the amp’s fault – by the nomenclature it is clear that the DAC can only handle digital inputs.

    Overall, a way better experience than I had expected… the sweetness and cleanliness of sound is on another plane altogether. If this is the budget you are looking at, you cant get a sound any better than this.

  16. Abhay Shankar

    The 6000A delivers a remarkable sound quality that will leave even the most discerning audiophiles grinning from ear to ear. With a power output of 50W per channel, this amplifier is more than capable of driving speakers with precision and authority. The sound reproduction is incredibly detailed, with a wide soundstage that breathes life into every note and instrument.

    The sheer transparency and control exhibited by the Audiolab 6000A truly make it stand out from its competitors. Whether you’re listening to delicate acoustic melodies or enjoying hard-hitting bass lines, this amplifier brings out the best in your music collection.

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