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AVID INGENIUM Plug&Play Turntable


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AVID INGENIUM Plug&Play Turntable now comes complete with quality fitted tonearm and moving magnet cartridge, it’s ready to use within ten minutes.

Sharing the same philosophy as our more expensive designs, Ingenium Plug&Play has a true audiophile engineered quality.

Such as our unique sapphire bearing and clamping system which efficiently channels unwanted vibrations away from the record to the chassis. This gives a new clarity to your vinyl; the performance is not vailed but vivid and transparent.

Isolating the main chassis is critical to maintaining low coloration. We have employed the same optimised elastomer used in the Diva ll, resulting in better information retrieval and resolution.

Ingenium PIug&Play offers people the chance of opening a window to quality audiophile vinyl reproduction, without feeling its “just another turntable” It’s reassuringly an AVID turntable at an affordable price.

AVID Ingenium Plug&Play Turntable builds on its predecessor, retaining many features, making some aesthetic improvements and a more straightforward installation. Complete with quality fitted tonearm and cartridge, it is ready to use within ten minutes…. really Plug&Play!

Sapphire Jewell Bearing
Vibration Transfer Clamp
Solid Aluminium Chassis
Sorbothane Isolation Feet
Aluminium Platter Upgrade

Sharing the same design philosophy and features from our more expensive designs, Ingenium Plug&Play has true audiophile credentials and an engineered quality.

Our unique sapphire bearing and clamping system, which efficiently channels unwanted vibrations away from the record to the chassis, reduces the background noise of the record itself, so there is clarity to the music, the performance not vailed but vivid and transparent.

Isolating the turntable is critical to maintain low coloration and we have employed the same optimised elastomer used in our Diva range, giving excellent mechanical isolation of the playing surface, resulting in better information retrieval and resolution.

Ingenium Plug&Play opens the door to quality audiophile reproduction, without the feeling its “just another record player”. It’s reassuringly an AVID record player at an affordable price.


  • SPEEDS 33.3 & 45.0 RPM
  • MOTOR 12mNm AC synchronous
  • VOLTAGE INPUT 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 4 Watts Max.
  • DIMENSIONS 370 x 305 x 130mm (WxDxH overall)
  • NET WEIGHT 5.9KG (13LB)



AVID Hi-Fi is a renowned British audio equipment manufacturer specializing in high-performance turntables and audio components. With a strong commitment to precision engineering and audio excellence, AVID Hi-Fi has earned a distinguished reputation in the audiophile community. At the core of AVID's product lineup are their meticulously crafted turntables, designed to extract the utmost detail and musicality from vinyl records. AVID turntables feature state-of-the-art materials and engineering, ensuring minimal vibrations and optimal playback accuracy. The company's attention to detail extends to every component, from the tonearm to the platter, resulting in a cohesive and high-fidelity audio experience. AVID Hi-Fi is known for its innovative approach to turntable design, incorporating advanced technologies and materials to push the boundaries of audio reproduction. Their commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the build quality and precision of each product, reflecting a passion for delivering audio systems that audiophiles can trust for exceptional sound quality. The company's dedication to innovation extends beyond turntables, as it also offers a range of audio electronics and accessories. These components are designed to complement their turntables, creating comprehensive audio systems that deliver a rich and immersive listening experience. In summary, AVID Hi-Fi stands as a symbol of British craftsmanship and audio engineering excellence, providing audiophiles with high-end turntables and audio components that elevate the experience of listening to music on vinyl. With a commitment to precision and innovation, AVID Hi-Fi continues to be a respected name in the world of high-fidelity audio. Buy brand new & genuine AVID Hi-Fi products from India's official online dealer with GST Invoice and manufacturers warranty.


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