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Mysticeti Power Cable


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Mysticeti Power Cable

Named after the largest living Mammal this blue jacketed cable presents a very large and clean canvas for your favourite recordings. A unique multicoloured OFC cable having silver-coated copper stands in addition to a silver-coated copper braided shield.

Silver is looked upon very differently in its application of speaker and interconnect cable ( the jury is still out on its benefits in those applications ) However  In power transmission, the silver provides the best conductivity accommodating instantaneous demands of power Amplifiers during the dynamic flow of music. The cable has also given surprisingly encouraging results with source equipment as well.

The Jacket is composed of 2 materials the inner softer almost spongy dielectric ( black in colour) followed by tough outer PVC blue cover

The cable is terminated with excellent power plugs from Krell. The plugs themselves feature an all aluminium body using cryo’ ed copper contacts that are gold plated to prevent oxidation.

A review posted by one of our users sums up our cable below

While the Mysticeti doesn’t match the dynamism and the rhythm of the Orca, the areas where it excels are the ones that are dearer to me. Firstly, the tonality, it is spot on with the Mysticeti. For the first time, I heard the tabla tone just right (the right combination of leather and wood) in my system! The same applied to pakhawaj, santoor, sitar, or just about any instrument one has heard live and can compare. Am I saying my system gave exact tonality with the Mysticeti? No. Am I saying its tonality was far improved and much closer to the actual tone with the Mysticeti than without? Yes! The next big change with the Mysticeti was how well the microtones were coming through. When it comes to genres with more competent and intricate singing such as Hindustani classical, ghazal, country or blues, a lot of detail is in the microtones. You know a perfect glissando when you hear it. And the Mysticeti brought it to me. It also makes the music more soothing and immersive, you can get lost in it (the pied piper effect). Since I likened the impressive Orca with Amitabh Bachchan, I’d say the immersive Mysticeti is like Sanjeev Kumar


The Orka feels like listening to live stage performance while the Mysticeti  feels more like well-recorded studio performance

The Orka is like a 25-year-old dynamic youth. Mysticeti is like a 45-year-old mature person.

So while the former is impressive like say, Amitabh Bachchan, who captures your attention, the latter one, on the other hand, is immersive like say Amol Palekar or Sanjeev Kumar

Main Features:

  • Conductor: Silver plated with EMC Shield
  • Connector – Copper with True Gold Plating with Cryo -192 C
  • Cable diameter:16mm
  • Conductor diameter:3mm
  • This Cable ships with a KRELL 3 pin Grounded US 3 pin plug
  • Length: 1.5 metre



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