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Sound Foundations
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Sound Foundation Isolation Plinth Platforms (Handcrafted Air-dried Maple)

Extract the best from your audio system.

The hand-crafted, solid maple platforms used in conjunction with our tuned “isobricks” are probably one of the best foundations to place your electronics and are easily the choice for the best turntable isolation. They truly are “Sound” Foundations.

Mounting your audio gear on a really good platform transforms the sound. Our painstaking R&D tests proved that maple platforms sound warmer, clearer, punchier and more detailed than granite, slate or glass (all are edgy and bass-killing).

Hi-tech damped composites are dead sounding, and myrtle or exotic hardwoods tend to sound more colored and less detailed. That’s confirmed unequivocally by more than a decade of head-to-head shoot offs by skeptical customers. Using brass footers to drain vibration out of your gear into the maple doubles the good effect.

Maples sonic superiority over all other woods is old news to every violin and piano maker from Stradivarius to Steinway. Instrument makers taught us to NEVER use commercial, kiln-dried maple. The kilns high heat weakens the woods fibers, thereby deadening sound. Air-dried maple is less colored and closer to the sound of our master tapes than any other platform material audibly better than harder or softer or denser woods, and notably better than kiln-dried maple or, worse yet, maple butcher block (excessively damped by its multitude of glue joints.

The Plinths are sold in sizes of 21inch wide and 17 inches deep and are generally 52 mm thick ( 2 inches ) We use the word generally because the thickness does tend to vary lot to lot since wood is obviously a natural material and lumber yards from where we import find it difficult to control up to the last millimeter. Each plinth is carefully hand planed, sanded and finished with 3 coats of beautiful natural cherry polish showing off the excellent grain of the tree; the lovely nut-colored contrasts, subtly shimmering curl, birdseye and tiger stripes. The Plinth is then topped off with 2 coats of matt lacquer.

The plinths are accompanied by our excellent tuned 6 layer isobrick sandwich isolators which are one of our best most transparent vibration arresters yet. Even the size and thickness of each brick has been tuned after extensive testing.

The isolation plinths can be used with our brass spiked footers to drain vibrations or our popular cerabase isolators to take equipment isolation to a reference grade level

Note: Please note Wood is a natural material and hence the grain is liable to change. We Make our best efforts to select only those plinths that we find aesthetic looking.

You may also email us for a custom SIZE 
Polish takes 1 week
Hence the buyer is informed that this custom order will take 10 days for despatch after he chooses the finish and informs us the size


  • Size of plinth : 21 *17 * 2 inch
  • Size placed on Isobricks : 21 *17 * 4 inch



Sound Foundations

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Sound Foundations


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