Acoustic Portrait Swara V2-Tube Buffer


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Acoustic Portrait Swara V2-Tube Buffer

The Swara V2-Tube Buffer is a unity gain buffer that can be used between any line level interfaces. While the benefit of the tube buffer might vary depending on the combination of equipment, the sonics will definitely improve in terms of overall tonal balance by leveraging the inherent strength of the tube based audio circuit.

The Acoustic Portrait Swara V2-Tube Buffer is a small, unassuming device that can make a noticeable difference in the sound quality of your audio system. The V2-Tube Buffer is the successor to the original Swara Tube Buffer, and boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor.

One of the key features of the V2-Tube Buffer is its use of a high-quality valve tubes, which provides a warm, rich, and detailed sound. The tube is also replaceable, allowing users to experiment with different tubes to achieve their desired sound signature.

The V2-Tube Buffer is designed to be used between a source component (such as a DAC or CD player) and a preamp or amplifier, and can help to improve the overall soundstage and depth of your music. It can also help to smooth out harsh or bright high frequencies, and add a touch of sweetness to vocals and acoustic instruments.

One potential downside of the V2-Tube Buffer is that it does add some noise to the signal, which may be noticeable in very quiet passages. However, this is a common characteristic of tube-based devices, and is not unique to the V2-Tube Buffer.

Overall, the Acoustic Portrait Swara V2-Tube Buffer is a well-designed and effective device that can add warmth, depth, and character to your audio system. If you’re looking to add some tube magic to your system without breaking the bank, the V2-Tube Buffer is definitely worth considering.

Specifications of the Acoustic Portrait Swara V2-Tube Buffer

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 34.5 × 11 cm
SNR 101 dB
THD+N 0.01% @ 1kHz
Dimension 13.2″ (W) x 13.5″ (D) x 4.33″ (H)
Weight 4 Kgs
Tube 2 x 6N1P
Connectivity Single Ended Input x 1 Stereo Pair, Single Ended Output x 1 Stereo Pair


Acoustic Portrait

Buy brand new & genuine Acoustic Portrait products from India's official online dealer with GST Invoice and manufacturer's warranty. Acoustic Portrait is on a journey to decode the nuances of audio reproduction. To be able to recreate a complete audio experience, we need more than just physical measurements of sound reproduction. We need to understand what happens in the human mind that makes it perceive something as musical and enjoyable. As an acoustic designer, Mr. Siva of Acoustic Portrait tries to innovate and create products that are not just technically accurate but also musically interesting and engaging.


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