Zeus z1 RCA Interconnect

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Sound Foundations
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The Zeus z1 is a no holds barred unbalanced cable from Germany that has been tested against the likes of Siltech,Bertrum,Audience,VDH Kimber and without a doubt has won hands down.

The cable has flat frequency response across the audio spectrum, with a filled out midrange, smooth highs and weighty and tuneful bass.

The resonant strokes of piano keys, wailing violin notes, caterwauling sax notes, the twang of the acoustic guitar, the grate of bowed cellos, various percussions, massed strings and massed trumpets in heat – all sound quite palpable and present.

Good attack and gentle decay allows one to see deeper into the mixes and brings a naturalness to the music (acoustic instruments have characteristic decays that can be heard when played live, especially at close range).

Dual Silver plated conductors with an ofc copper shield creates a lively and dynamic music experience, akin to a concert hall. The realism focus and perfect timing of this cable is incomparable.

Because of an additional grounding conductor the OFC served shield is only used for shielding, which leads to an even better electrostatic screen. This guarantees a pure signal transmission and a homogeneous sound – both for analogue NF connections such as from a preamplifier to a power amplifier and from source to amplifier

Availble in an unbalanced format using terillium copper RCA with Carbon fibre accents,we have not skimped on the quality of termination for this excellent cable.

Solder termination is done using a precision International MFR Cartridge System and Mundorf Silver solder.

Stock cable is 1.5 m pair


Sound Foundations

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Sound Foundations

7 reviews for Zeus z1 RCA Interconnect

  1. Rahuul Ramachandrran

    Great sound from this cable. I found a big improvement in micro dynamics, a big improvement in bass speed and volume. There was also an improvement in midrange clarity and focus. The highs were clear and extended without any harshness. Great value for the money. I have two pairs currently – running from my DAC & phono stage to the preamp.

  2. Pravin Ebenezer

    Zeus Z1 rocks…
    I connected Marantz CD6005 => Luxman 505… it plays very well… worth for money…
    I compared with AQ Golden Gate, Chord Clearway and Mogami 2803… output is very clear/smooth sound…

    it is true High End interconnect cable…

  3. Dr Louis DSilva

    I ordered this fantastic IC some time ago to connect a Preamp to a Power amp and am thoroughly impressed by its High End performance. Very smooth, neutral, warm and articulate. Great value for money and highly recommended!

  4. Franz

    In few words ‘GREAT PRESENCE’,truly High End.

  5. Kausik Bhattacharya

    Sits between my ND8006 and PM8006. Replaces the Mogami Neglex that goes to the turntable connection for which it is more suitable.
    The Zeus is a small improvement over the Mogami in little bit more clarity and smoothness in treble region. Otherwise very transparent and conveys the character of the chain faithfully.
    However, the construction is not of the same quality as branded cables like QED or Chord. The connectors are push type and not entirely smooth, giving rise to a bit of anxiety while attaching them. Jacket is not very snug at places. Also there is no R/L marking, though not such a big deal. Soldering looked good.
    Overall pleased, specially at the big discounted price that I got it for, but build/ finish could be better.

  6. Dinesh Kriplani

    Quality, quality, quality. The signal transmission must be so pure, that the highs are ultra-smooth, the mid-range wide and spacey and the lows pack a huuuuge punch.

  7. Ebenezer Jebaraj

    I bought this Zeus Z1 Interconnect cable a year back. It is one of the best value for money interconnect at this price range. It sounds neutral / balanced across all the frequencies. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a good quality interconnect for their mid range hifi system.

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