DAC ARX01A 2RCA to 2RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

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DAC ARX01A 2RCA to 2RCA Audio Interconnect Cable (1 Metre)


  • Ø9.0/9.0mm Audio Cable,
  • 2RCA to 2RCA, Metal Plugs,
  • Gold Plated Connectors,
  • Painted Color to ensure easy Identification,
  • Foamed PE Insulation,
  • Conductive PVC Reinforced Shield,
  • Colorful Nylon Sleeve Dust Proof,
  • Jacket in Matte Black,
  • According to ROHS Standard.



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14 reviews for DAC ARX01A 2RCA to 2RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

  1. Partha Bhattacharjee

    Using this cable for my CD player together with DAC silver plated speaker cables has changed the sound of my system unbelievably. Before this I never thought that changing the cables could change the sound so much in a mid fi system.

  2. Shankar

    Honestly I never expected this sound quality…. excellent details and drastic changes ….low frequency totally changed deep and clean….hf totally filtered… rich and smooth… unbeatable price tag… thanks to hifi mart …

  3. Sriram Balasubramanian

    I ordered 4 pairs of this cable to connect my power amplifiers. The cable quality is excellent and sturdy. I see improvements in the sound quality post connecting the cables. One thing what could have been better is, it is just a meter long cable which is considerably shorter. So long as your AVR and your power amplifiers are very close the length should not be a problem.

    Its worth the buy..

  4. Dinesh

    I bought this cable due to its technical specifications and it lives up to its specs.
    It is able to deliver sound without interference. Will buy again and highly recommend it to others.

  5. Raja Iyer

    Great quality cables which transmit pure sound unaltered. Have used this cable to connect the cd player to the receiver through an equalizer.

  6. Sudeep

    Omg..honestly i never expected this drastic change in sound quality..though i had a very convincing set up could nt identify where the bottle neck was..i have heard that cables might be worthy consideration if u probably think u have a gret set up but still not getting that last bit of performance from them..so i went ahead and bought these..the cables were very heavy extremely well built and to be honest i have never seen such thich and well built cables..immediately i switched and old cables and replaced with these and bang..jaw dropping change in sound quality..much more autoritative dynamics improved instrument seperation tonality and depth everything improved..in a word music felt more life like..go and buy if u want instant boost in sound quality if u already have a good sound system and set up..

  7. Franz

    Very good cable,performance not too far from high end!!!

  8. Pramod Sahoo

    I searched a lot for a question "Really cable matters?". Got a lot of responses like spend on DAC instead of cable, but still I bought this cable to experience at my own. I can’t believe the changes I got.

  9. Nagaraj Shamanna

    Full five stars!
    The build quality of this cable is astounding for its humble price.
    The sound of my system has improved too, which is quite perceivable especially the bass is now pleasantly pronounced.
    For its price, the value is unbeatable.
    Delivery from Hifimart was also fast! Thanks HFM!

  10. Indrajit Sarkar

    These cables are excellent in manufacturing and finish. Using 5 of these for power amp connects. The connectors are of excellent fit. Other variations in length should be available, as otherwise, it is difficult to use in source to amp connections.

  11. Haribabu

    Excellent build quality and value for money. I connected the Cassette deck to amplifier, great improvement in bass compared to old amazon basics cable.

  12. Urvesh Mehta

    This DAC cable has been rated really high by other users. However, my personal experience is a little different. I agree with all when they say it increases the bass outrightly. Actually it depends upon the system, in which it is going to be used. If the system is relatively high-end and you have selected your components based on their quality, this cable is going to ruin the sound signature. Let me explain. This cable of course raises the bass, albeit at the expense of precision and agility. So, the bass becomes boomy and loses the punch and swiftness. The clarity in the mid-range and high-end is also heavily impacted because of this. I tried using this with KEF LS50W and Monitor Audio Gold 200. Same experience in both. The silkiness of the ribbon tweeter just goes down. In fact, the cheapest available interconnect cable (may be worth 200 rs) was cleaner than this. So, what went wrong? Only the matching. The systems, I used this cable in, were already capable enough to shine and did not need any frequency boost-up by the cable. On the other hand, if the system can benefit from some manipulation, like systems running with AVRs rather than dedicated amplifiers or very bright amplifiers, this cable can surely enhance the experience.
    Build quality-wise, the cable is superb and can impress without any doubt. But, not very flexible.
    HiFiMart is awesome in terms of delivery and customer statistician. Really pleased with the additional experience, they ensured in the transaction. So, 5/5 for them. But, for the cable, it is 2/5 from my side. In a nutshell, this cable can be good or bad, depending upon other components in your setup.

  13. Praveer

    Good Product. Produce good quality sound. Pairs Nice with Marantz Amplifier/Denon AVR

  14. Harish G

    As this cable was back in stock, I bought one to use from my CD Player to amplifier. The metal connectors are now improved and the sound is more open detailed and cleaner overall. I noticed this difference when compared to my 10 year old Kimber cable. I think this is a good value for money cable.

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