Wharfedale Diamond 240

Wharfedale Diamond 240

The anticipated Wharfedale Diamond 240 Floorstanding Speakers are now available in India through HiFiMART.com for immediate shipping!

The Wharfedale Diamond 240 is a 3-way floor standing speaker that offers impeccable performance at an affordable price.


The Wharfedale Diamond 240 possesses a much wider sound-stage giving individual instruments their own space to perform and is great for both music and home-theatre installations.

The Wharfedale Diamond 240 three-way floorstander is driven by two 6.5-inch bass drivers, a 5.1-inch midrange driver and a 25mm soft dome tweeter. The Wharfedale Diamond 240 delivers high-end sound defined by immaculate highs, smooth mids, taut bass, and immersive dynamics. A price-to-performance breakthrough, it brings you closer to the music you cherish by revealing sought-after details, nuances, and information in recordings that further enhance your emotional bond to favorite artists.

The enhanced cabinet, which utilizes Crystalam, a new material to significantly reduce cabinet vibration, the improved Kevlar drivers and new some tweeters with a built in waveguide ensure that the Diamond 240 will be a brilliant performer in its price range.

The Wharfedale Diamond 240 speakers utilizes the unique aperiodic bass-loading system. This slot-loaded port at the bottom of the speaker cabinet allows for greater freedom of speaker placement. This allows you to place the Wharfedale Diamond 240 close to the wall. Most speakers cannot achieve this feat.

If you are considering buying a three way floorstanding speaker then the Wharfedale Diamond 240 is a must audition in your shopping list. If you are in Mumbai, India please contact us for an audition.

UPDATE: This product is now discontinued and no longer available.

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