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Mogami 3082 NEGLEX OFC Co-Axial Speaker Cable


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Mogami 3082 NEGLEX OFC Co-Axial Speaker Cable

The Mogami 3082 NEGLEX OFC Co-Axial Speaker Cable is a Stereo Audiophile terminated version (2.5 m and 3.0 pair ) and is sold as a terminated pair with banana plugs.

This is Professional studio monitoring and high-end recording cable with a coaxial construction.
Manufactured in japan using Neglex OFC copper of size 2.0mm² ( #14AWG) this Speaker Cable is designed to mate with XLR/TS and SpeakOn Connectors
The 3082 offers a more dynamic representation to the conventional cables due to its construction and orientation

  • Mogami is by far the world’s most sought after studio cable brand, most major recording studios and leading sound engineers in the world uses Mogami cabling due to the legendary performance of these cables. You are buying the best when you buy Mogami. All Mogami cables are made in Japan using the best materials and technological know-how that comes from decades of research and development.
  • All our custom made cables are professionally soldered with a Proprietary 4% Silver solder blend;
  • Mogami 3082 features a coaxial design (shield and central conductor) to provide a large conductor size and to optimize noise rejection and to minimize the possibility of emission of noise to the surrounds (due to induction), this coaxial design offers better quality signal transmission compared to standard Figure-8 and Twisted-Pair speaker cable. The shield, as well as the centre conductor, is 2mm square each (between 14 and 15 AWG), Mogami has managed to make the 3082 cable ultra-flexible and keep the overall diameter at 6.5mm, despite the large conductor size.
  • Hooking up your home audio system will be a breeze with these cables.

Features of the Mogami 3082 NEGLEX OFC Co-Axial Speaker Cable

  • Large conductor size of 2.0mm (close to #14AWG) despite small OD of 6.5mm (0.256″). (Same conductor size for both internal and external (shield) conductors.)
  • Extremely low induction from outside and affection to outside.
  • Neglex copper ofc conductors

“I was stunned by how dramatically the coaxial 3082 speaker cable affected the sound of my NS-10Ms. I was using good wire before but the improvement the 3082 made was not subtle. The speakers sounded noticeably louder and the response more natural and extended. I had no idea speaker cable could be so significant. Thanks so much for a great solution and
a wonderful improvement on my monitoring!”

Note –
To use in conventional 2 core mode with banana plugs the coax cable must be stripped with the outer layer forming one core ( black ) and the inner centre forming the second core.
Heatshrink needs to be used to insulate each core.




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